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Microsoft Windows and “No to All” Fiasco

While copying files in Microsoft Windows you might be asked whether you want to replace an existing file or folder. You will be given four options “Yes”, “Yes to All”, “No” and “Cancel”. What about “No to All”? Performing a “No to All” function is extremely simple.

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Opera AdBlock – Simple Ad Blocking – urlfilter.ini, No HOSTS

Ad Blocking

The best way to block ads with Opera is with urlfilter.ini (this is the location of your urlfilter.ini).

You can add a Block Ads button to your Opera toolbar to enable/disable ad blocking globally with a single click. This is convenient when something on a website isn’t working and you want to check if it’s your urlfilter.ini that’s causing the problem.

If you currently do not have a urlfilter.ini you can add the following text into a new one at the proper location:

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XHTML Strict & target=”_blank” (and _top)

I had made a post a few days ago regarding the problem with embedding flash (swf) into XHTML and still validating. That was an extremely simple fix, all you really had to do was remove code to get it to work (in other words, you optimized your code).

Getting XHTML to validate while using the target="_blank" value, on the other hand, takes a bit of code. Not that this is a problem, we’ve found the code you need!

First off, here’s the problem:

Here is what you’ll have after we fix the problem:

I’ll get straight to the point, if you want to dissect the code you can probably Google a line or two from it and get the page where I found the information.

This is what you put in your <head></head> tags:

This is what you put in the file located at /include/target.js:

That’s it! The original code I found was lacking, it only had the option to use an external window (_blank). My better code lets you also do a target="_top" command with the rel="top" method. So now you can use both rel="top" and rel="blank".