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Enabling Windows 8.1 updates and telemetry blocking

Unblocking newer processors (Kaby Lake, Ryzen etc)

While you can still install Windows 7 (http://pastebin.com/gHCCFBkt) and 8.1 on newer processors, Microsoft does not officially support it, and has tried to pressure users into switching to Windows 10 by disabling updates on those PCs. This includes driver updates, security updates, and Windows Defender. The easiest way to bypass this is through a user made patch called wufuc. Let Windows do its first round of updates and restart before using it.

Alternatively, you can download updates manually from Microsoft's website, or use the third party tool WSUS Offline, as the block does not interfere with either.

Avoiding telemetry

Windows Update doesn't offer most of its updates individually anymore, even security ones. Now most of them are only released as part of a large monthly "rollup", which contains all the updates from previous rollups, and (since October 2016) backported Windows 10 telemetry.
—>2000011: Group A, Group B and Group W – what's the difference? | askwoody.com (archive)

To get around this, you can either disable backported telemetry, or install only security updates.

Disable backported telemetry

Finish installing your updates, then save the W10Tel.cmd script as a ".cmd" file and run it as administrator.
—>W10Tel.cmd – batch file to prevent Windows 10 type telemetry on Windows 7 and 8.1 (source (archive))
—>2000012: Neutralize Telemetry & Sustain Win 7, 8.1 Monthly Rollup Model
—>Disable/Remove Telemetry and Tracking Service | My Digital Life Forums

Use Security Only updates

Alternatively, you can manually download the "Security Only" updates made for businesses. By far the easiest way to do this is with the 3rd party tool WSUS Offline.

Run UpdateGenerator.exe, check your OS version, and check "Use security only updates instead of quality rollups". Then click start. It will make a folder of the publicly available updates that exclude telemetry. When it's done, go to the Client folder, run UpdateInstaller.exe, and follow the instructions until it's complete. Be sure to disable automatic updates in Windows, and to uncheck all "Security Monthly Quality Rollups" if you ever use Windows Update. If you keep the folders WSUS creates, you can re-run UpdateGenerator.exe again in the future. It will remember your settings and only download any new updates it's missing.

Preexisting telemetry

In addition to either of the above, you can also run the Ancile script. It will remove a list of unwanted updates and preexisting telemetry services.
—>Ancile_project downloads
—>Ancile: block spying on Windows 7 and 8 | ghacks.net (archive)

The above edited text is from a Pastebin (2020-01-15 revision (archive)).